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About is a community driven site to help Samourai Wallet users calculate their Whirlpool fees prior to mixing. We are currently in beta testing phase so please report any discrepancies found when using the tool to help us refine it further.


Users can play around with different parameters to help them decide...

  • How much to mix

  • What fee rate to use 

  • Which pool to select


Based on their selected parameters, users will then be shown...

  • Number of postmix UTXOs being produced

  • Total balance being added to postmix

  • Total doxxic change is being created



Finally, users will be shown a breakdown of the fees, which include...

  • Chosen pool fee (minus any SCODE discounts)

  • Miner fees

  • Total mix fees (pool + miner)

  •  Total fee as a % of amount being mixed

Happy Mixing!




Max Tannahill

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